How long will it take to complete the repairs?

We try to complete most repairs the same day. If this is not possible, we will keep you up to date and provide you an estimated time!

How much will it cost?

We will call you and keep you updated with any prices and discounts!

My car is running rough. Do I need a tune-up?

Most cases, it could be simply a tune-up. Bring it in and we will check for you! 

Is there a charge to check out my car?

Depending on the issue, if it takes a small amount of time to diag the issue, its free! (typically 30 min or less). More in depth diag times there will be a charge, however if you bring the repair back to us within 30 days you are reimbursed the diag charge back into your repair costs!

Do I need an appointment for a repair?

Yes, you can set an appointment online or call us up and we can make an appointment ASAP!

What credit cards do you take?

We take all major credit cards! We also have two credit options if needed!

Why does my car need maintenance if it's running fine?

General maintenance is key to any mechanical parts. Fluids break down and parts wear out!

What will happen if I don't have the repairs done right now?

Cost of the repair could go up due to vehicle neglect. 

What Should I Do When My Check Engine Lights Come On?

Call us at your next convivence to set up an appointment. If your check engine light is flashing, your vehicle needs immediate attention! 

How Often Should I Have My Brakes Checked?

Your breaks should be checked every oil change.
Every time we preform a vehicle oil change, we complete a vehicle inspection which including checking your breaks!

What Type of Oil Filter Do I Need?

Every vehicle could use a different style filter. Most of the time it is a Spin-on OR a Cartridge filter. We keep both on hand and they are both premium oil filters.

Do I Really Need Winter Tires?

Not in Florida! However if you go up north, or you are a Snow-bird we can offer you All-Season tires at reasonable rates!

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